Remittances Services

Super-fast remittance services have always been our specialty. We are globally linked with a number of banks and agents who are easily available at your needs who ensures you safe as well as immediate money transfer.

We offer assistance in more than 100 plus countries with more than 100,000 cash payout locations.

We have a vast range of remittance products and service with which you can ensure safe and fast money transfers to your dear ones around the world.Furthermore, we have facilitated seamless payment features through Mobile wallet, Account credit, and quick cash pickups to make your life easier.

Currency Exchange Services

When it comes to foreign currency exchange services, our name stands out as the best in Oman. We also offer the most competitive rates in the market.

You can trust us with all your foreign currency needs, be it while travelling , be it for your business transactions, be it for education related expenses abroad , we are always there for you for any eventuality.

Dont let the fluctuations in the market bother you, in this ever changing economy with ever fluctuating currency values we always give the best service and the most competitive rates when it comes to foreign exchange.