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A set of innovative and focus-driven individuals with an undisputed experience history from reputed Banking and Financial institutions.


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An established brand name within the local and expatriate community serving a steadfast customer base for more than three decades.



A constantly updating technological framework providing the finest and most accurate output in the minimum time frame.



Embracing sustainable innovation methods and flexibly withstanding the changes in the market trends producing better results than our competitors.


Our Key services are

Money Remittances – Use our money transfer service to send money abroad easily and conveniently. Our innovative technology-oriented cross-border remittance solutions ensure that your funds reach to your loved ones quickly, safely, and hassle-free.

We also have direct partnerships with the world’s leaders in the area of Instant Money Transfer services which has further strengthened our global network repertoire; Western Union, Money Gram, Cash Express, Transfast, EzRemit and Instant Cash.

Foreign currency exchange – We buy and sell all foreign currencies in circulation worldwide.

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