Chairman’s Message

An organization that has crossed the silver jubilee mark, Hamdan exchange signifies about the acceptances and trust received from worldwide customers from the year of establishment. We wholeheartedly honor the trust of our clients rested upon us and thoroughly endeavors to make ourselves a better version of self while providing our services to them. An adaptable organization that has been reading well through the changes in trends and pulse of the market, we have molded ourselves in a better way every time so that we never had gone through an experience of customer dissatisfaction.


Hamdan exchange always clings to the work laws of the country focusing on enabling everyone with equal opportunities and services. We have always been keen on taking care of our employees who brought this organization up throughout the long term. A right person with the righteous service is always perceived and remunerated well as we completely respect the way they have shown their responsibility towards this organization.


I make a move to welcome our esteemed clients, our representatives, and the supervisory crew to the glad event of the Silver Jubilee festivities of the organization.


I am sincerely thankful for a name which we would never forget, H.M. Ruler Qaboos Al Said who is the great leader of our country and I wish him numerous effective years ahead to lead us as our light and guide.



Board of Directors

Senior Management

Rajesh Mathratan

General Manager